What is Trillian you ask? Only the best IM Program ever! Combining AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, IRC, and Jabber, Trillian offers the luxury of having all these in one convientent package. Now you can manage all your buddys on one list including multiple AIM screennames!

Even better, Trillian has one of the best communities you could ask for, with members who are there to help. Trillian also supports skins. Skins, are made by community members and account for ~95% of the available skins for Trillian. Thanks to them, you can make Trillian look however you please while still having the same functions as the default skin. Remember, these skins are made by members of the Trillian community for FREE!

Want to learn more about the current version of Trillian(3.1)? Check out the links below…

Cerulean Studios – The creators of Trillian
Go Trillian! – All about spreading the Trillian around the world
More Skins – deviantART is a warehouse of skins for not only Trillian but other applications
The Trillian Community – Meet and greet all the great people who keep Trillian alive

Convinced that you want Trillian already?  Well, great!  Download it here.


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  1. open signs Says:

    Glad I stumbled upon this site, great read.

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